Our highly technical and competitive world demands self discipline, critical thinking and initiative from our children if they are to succeed. Athens Montessori School helps to develop children who will adapt easily to new challenges. They are not taught simply to memorize or to follow rigid lesson plans, but to develop reasoning skills and their own natural learning patterns.

Montessori education is spontaneous and stimulating. Montessori brings children’s natural abilities into play by allowing them to master skills at their own pace. Montessori instructors encourage natural learning patterns because they respect a child’s ability to explore the prepared environment in a way that is most productive for them.
The students express genuine enthusiasm in education because they recognize learning as its own reward.
Montessori education develops both personality and character. Social responsibilities and practical life exercises cultivate a sense of self-sufficiency, cooperation and self-esteem. Active participation in the selection of work allows each student to practice independence, initiative and honesty. Community meetings in self-governance of the classroom, teach fairness, mutual respect and communication skills.

“A child is mysterious and powerful and contains within himself the secret of human nature.”
Dr. Maria Montessori