Middle School

Adolescence is a challenging age, highly influenced by the cues society gives. In today’s world, the young adolescent struggle with the mixed messages society gives and often find themselves unprepared to meet the challenges they face outside of the classroom walls.

Adolescents demand to see relevancy in the work they do. Our Middle School program of work and study, guided by Dr. Montessori’s vision for the age, is specifically designed to meet adolescent developmental needs. Our highly interactive, interdisciplinary program offers adolescents opportunity for experiencing practical roles that integrate and apply academic studies.

Students extend their studies in math, science and technology by managing a nature reserve, campus weather station, organic gardens, greenhouse, woodland, pond, and a business enterprise. Our history and foreign language program is enhanced through travel. Our Language Arts, Humanities and Fine Arts programs offer performance opportunities. Through our many community service projects and internships, students experience firsthand practical roles that provide them with greater connections to society and the world. In this way, students are able to achieve a higher level of responsibility, independence, self-esteem, and a love of lifelong learning.

Athens Montessori School has one class at this level with two fully trained teacher/guides.  There is an after school program available from 3:15 until 5:30.