The Montessori curriculum in its holistic approach to education includes, at the classroom level science and the study of world cultures, music, arts, crafts, drama and dance. Parents, friends and experts in their fields frequently visit the school to make presentations or conduct workshops for individual classes and the entire community.

Athens Montessori also has the benefit of a team of specialist staff to support and enrich the learning experiences of the students:

*Musical Intelligence is fostered by weekly classes including singing, percussion, music history and theory, notation and recorders for the older students.
*Physical Education in both cooperative and competitive games is offered weekly. (Daily for the adolescent program)
*Spanish is taught throughout the school using songs, art, cooking and games to gain fluency in conversation and written language.
*Movement Classes are held weekly including dance, drama and creative movement with themes directly linked to the academic curriculum or topical events and celebrations.
*A team of Learning Specialists support the academic curriculum in order to develop the whole child.