9 to 12 Years


Building on the foundations laid down in the Lower Elementary students delve deeper into such subjects as Anatomy, Astronomy, Ecology, Foreign Language and Cultural Studies. The important life skill of time management is forged through the coordination of year-long and week-long assignments.

Frequent opportunities for presentations to the class develop the children’s skills in creative collaboration, public presentation and leadership.

Regular field trips expand the experiences of the students and culminate in a three year cycle of week long trips to a forest, an ocean and a major cultural center.

Students expand their sense of community through active participation in service projects for the school and for the Athens community.

Computer resources allow students to extend the grasp of their imaginations and to more fully integrate their learning.

Athens Montessori School has one double class at this level. (The Aces)  There are two fully trained teacher/guides and two assistants. There is an after school program available from 3:00 – 5:30.