6 to 9 Years


The Lower Elementary curriculum is a balanced, comprehensive, interdisciplinary model for continuing to spark each child’s expanded range of exploration.  Challenging work in the areas of Math, Reading, Grammar, Science, History and Geography are woven into the daily fabric of learning. Visual, sensorial and sequential materials provide ample practice and repetition in basic concepts. Each child constructs a solid foundation for gradual abstraction and application of concepts.

Daily journal writing, research projects, bookmaking, and science experiments develop the students powers of observation and self expression.  Portfolio assessment allows the student and teacher to track progress on a daily basis and set goals for each week.

Every student receives the series of “Great Lessons” beginning with the “Story of the Universe” to spark their imaginations around questions of history and science. Next they learn a Matrix called “Fundamental Needs of Humans” to give them a framework for exploring the history of civilizations.  The unique capacity of elementary children to classify is stimulated through Botanical and Zoological studies.  Special teachers continue instruction in Spanish, Music, Creative Movement, and Physical Education and a three day trip to an ecological camp highlights the spring quarter.

Athens Montessori School has three classes at this level (Comets, Stars and Vikings) each with a fully trained teacher/guide and an assistant.  Students are in the classroom from 8:30 – 3:00.  There is an after school program available from 3:00 – 5:30.