3 to 6 Years


Thanks to the diligent and loving efforts of parents, children arrive for the Primary (3 to 6 years) Program with fully formed language, walking, an adventuresome spirit of exploration and learning.

The Montessori teacher provides a scientifically prepared environment in which each child finds opportunities to exercise their unfolding powers of exploration and adaptation.

Athens Montessori school has four classes at the Primary level (Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple) each with a fully trained teacher/guide and an assistant.  The youngest students are in the classroom from 9-12 am. The older students who have developed the ability to focus for longer periods stay until 2:30.  There is an after school program available for each of these groups until 5:30. (Rainbow for the younger students and Extended Day for the older students).

The curriculum is organized into 5 avenues of self-directed activity for the child’s exploration:
Practical Life– activities of varying difficulty around the theme of how to care for yourself and the environment.
Sensorial– activities for comparing, grading, matching.
Language– developing a broad vocabulary and phonetic based reading.
Mathematics– concrete, hands-on learning of quantity, number and number operations.
Cultural Studies– geography map puzzles and depictions of plants, animal, geographic and cultural features of the continents.
In addition, the children enjoy daily experiences in Music, Creative Movement, Visual Arts and Foreign Language. The three year age span of the class allows the older children to model for and mentor the newer students. Age appropriate, sequential challenges in all areas of the class enable children to construct themselves and their learning at an optimal pace.

“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the period from birth to the age of six, for that is the time when intelligence itself is being formed.”
Dr. Maria Montessori