Tuition / Fees


For more information, please download our complete
Tuition Information document: 2019 Tuition Information (PDF)

PLAN I: MONTHLY payments in 10 installments (due before the 10th of each month in June, August-November, and January-May).

PLAN II: QUARTERLY payments are due in June, September, December and March.

For Plan I and II, a 2% late fee will be applied to balance past due.

PLAN III: ANNUAL payments will receive a 2.5 % discount on tuition (not daycare). Payment in full is due in June.

A SIBLING DISCOUNT of 10% will be applied to the youngest sibling’s tuition.
Tuition/fees paid to AMS are based on 180 school days.
We are required by Georgia State Law to have a Completed/Updated Application on file.
A student’s account must be current on August 1st for the student’s place to be held.